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Faculty Support


Fall 2013: Begin inventory & recording condition and retention notes for the 74,000 titles identified by the project that Le Moyne must retain (3 years)

August 2014: Notify Le Moyne faculty of withdrawal candidates in their subject areas, proposing a variety of plans to proceed.

October 2014: Faculty select a process for review.

January 30, 2015: Faculty review deadline #1.

Summer 2015: Withdrawal process begins (2 yrs)


Chemistry: Out of 117 withdrawal candidates, CHM will retain 25 titles (21%) & withdraw 92 titles (79%). 

History:  Deleting duplicates only: 418 of 5,547 (0.75%)

Political Science: Out of 1,566 candidates, 1,344 will be withdrawn (85%)

Physics: Of 206 titles PHS decided to withdraw 105 titles (51%).

Psychology: Of 570 withdrawl candidates, will remove 65% and selected 35% (202) to retain. 

ConnectNY Print Trust

ConnectNY (CNY) seeks to further its collaboration through greater mutual reliance on its members' print book collections, in the process relieving pressure on library shelf space.  A coordinated group-wide approach to deselecting monographs may provide an effective long-term strategy for print collections. CNY leadership believes that now is a good time to look more closely at circulation and collection redundancy among its member libraries, to initiate a managed drawdown of surplus copies, and to share preservation and archiving responsibility. A fundamental goal is to assure that at least two copies of all titles currently held by participating libraries remain available to CNY libraries and their patrons.

Related objectives include:

  • To build on a history of collaboration to reap additional benefits from a single shared collection of 14m titles in 18 libraries
  • To protect last copies of unique titles
  • To free space now occupied by low-use surplus copies for other purposes
  • To avoid additional building costs for storage of low-use print collections

Read more about this project on the ConnectNY Staff page

Read more about print archiving by libraries by Sam Demas & Wendy Lougee in Library Issues.


Withdrawal candidates are those 

  • titles that are currently held by 3 or more institutions in the group
  • published or added to the collection prior to 2000
  • last circulation before 2007
  • Titles with 3 or fewer circulations

Here is an example of what these lists provide. Each title can be automatically viewed in the online catalog. From that record, one can browse by call number to see what is next to it on the shelf or click on the author name and see what else is in the collection by that author. Also evident is how many copies exist in the consortium and in New York State.

Faculty can obtain lists from their program's librarian.

Retention Commitment

Each participating library signed a memorandum of understanding and made a commitment to retain monographic titles on behalf of the ConnectNY consortium.

The Falcone Library was assigned 73,283 items representing 64,922 titles to retain. Additionally Le Moyne is obligated to retain 5,663 unique titles because it is the only library in the consortium that has them.

Costs of storing books

Annual average storage cost, per volume (includes cost of cleaning, maintenance, electricity, staffing, circulation, and amortized cost for building the space)

$4.26 in open stacks:  

$1.53 hybrid (first 10 years in open stacks, moved to closed)

$0.86 in high density closed storage 

$0.40 digital storage with backup