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Plan in advance for films

DVD or Steaming Digital?

The library has to weigh the circumstances for the course before ordering a one-year streaming license for $150-$300.  The top consideration is whether the course is an online course. Have this conversation with the librarian for your department when proposing the course and in advance, each time you teach it.  Situation in the media and film marketplace is ever-changing.

1) Please plan at least 3 months in advance of your online/hybrid course regarding films or tv shows. The streaming film marketplace is continually changing as documentary filmmakers and distributors find new options.  

2) After searching the library catalog for a specific film you want, consider conducting an advanced search as shown in the video below. The library make have something comparable.

3) DVD purchases are not difficult to obtain, except for foreign-only releases.  Keep in mind that a library cannot stream a dvd it owns; their use is limited to face-to-face use. 

4) Also available as a resource are the Library's deposit accounts with Kanopy and Swank that can accommodate a few one-year licenses to films. 

a) Kanopy: You can browse Kanopy's titles here: (alternative: try Contact your librarian if you need a one-year license to a streaming film that is only offered in Kanopy for a course you are teaching. The library will pay for the license fee, fully catalog the film, and place it, and its link, in the library catalog, making it discoverable by title, subject, keyword, and director. Licenses expire 365 days after the order is placed by the library.

b) Swank: Access Swank only via this link  Request "Instructor" access to Le Moyne's Swank Digital Campus, so you can browse for films to consider. Do not use the "Request" button; it is disabled. Email or call your librarian about the film you are interested in if Swank carries it.


Search the Library Catalog for Films & Video Sources

Search the Library Catalog for Films & Video Sources

Search for streaming videos that can be watched from on- or off-campus as well as DVD or Blueray discs that you can borrow.

Caveat: The catalog search does not cover all of the video content of the collections listed below. To be comprehensive, follow up searches by browsing the appropriate collections.

Library's Licensed Streaming Film Collections

Browse Library Collections With Video Content

Booking a Library-owned DVD or VHS

Library Services will make full arrangements for a dvd or vhs formatted film from its collection to be shown during class in the classroom. It is also an option to schedule a viewing for a class in the Bernat Special Events Room, either during class time or outside of class time.

To book a film either call the Library Services Desk at 445-4330 or submit a Booking Request Form

Any other viewings outside the course or classroom or library environment, without a professor present, or when inviting an audience other than a class roster, qualify as "public performances" and are subject to copyright permission and applicable fees. The Library does not arrange, nor pay fees, for public performance permissions. 

Free streaming sites of interest