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Faculty Support

Le Moyne is a member of the Center for Research Libraries--an international consortium of academic & independent research libraries. CRL supports advanced research in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by preserving critical primary sources.

What is CRL, besides amazing?

CRL provides a shared collection of five million books, journals, documents and newspapers. Long runs of CRL materials can be borrowed for extended periods, and many materials are digitized on demand. 

CRL’s resources include:

  • The largest circulating collection of newspapers in North America--more than 16,000 newspaper titles from all world regions and from every U.S. state—mainstream dailies and opposition papers, rare publications from international conflict zones, U.S. ethnic titles and early African-American newspapers
  • Access to rich holdings in STE print serials through a partnership with the Linda Hall Library of Science, Technology and Engineering
  • More than 800,000 non- U.S. dissertations
  • Area Studies: major collections of news, government documents, and archives from Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South Asia

CRL's entire collection is in the ConnectNY catalog, available to faculty and students to borrow free of charge.

Search CRL's collections directly via its site. CRL Topic Guides are particularly helpful in browsing its resources.

On-site visits in Chicago also possible by appointment with 3 days notice.

Watch this video of the entire overview of CRL. Read more about CRL.

Digital Collections

View entire list here.

African Newspapers

Latin American Newspapers