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NSG 475: Transition to Advanced Nursing Practice

Improve your Search Terms!

This short tutorial will help you improve your search terms!

Video used under a Creative Commons CC:BY license - How to Improve Your Search Terms (Brock Library)

Boolean Phrase Searching

What are Boolean search methods? 


Using the words AND, OR, NOT while you search will retrieve preferred results. Each of those three words serve a different purpose.

  • AND - Narrows your search (Use between your concepts)
  • OR - Broadens your search (Use between synonyms) 
  • NOT - Tells the search engine to only return results without this word


For example, lets say you want to find an article about single cell reproduction.  Words that might help you retrieve a good number of articles without being overwhelmed are "single cell," "microorganism," "reproduction," and "propogation." Therefore, your search phrase could be "(Single Cell or microorganism) AND (reproduction or propogation)"

Search Strategy Forms

Use a Scholarly Review for Citations

Look for the publication type filter for "Review" articles as you search your topic. 

  • The references in a "Review" article are a long list of available primary research on that specific topic! It's like the author(s) are giving you a long list of recommended reading and you can then search for any of those citations in our library.

Google Scholar

Search by Author

If you know an author in the field, simply type their last name into one of our database (search tools) to see what they have written. You can limit the search term "Field" to author. 

Search in one Specific Journal

You may know of a journal that is perfect for your topic already. For example, the journal called Nursing Education Today.

To search individual journals that Le Moyne has access to, simply use our Journal Finder. You will type in the journal title and then click on the links that come up on your screen if we do provide access to that journal! Then you can browse individual issues of the journal, or search within the journal by topic.

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