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Citing Sources Practice - Chicago Style

Citing Sources for History and/or Religious Studies Papers!

This guide was created to help you with your citations for history or religious studies papers at Le Moyne.

To get the most out of this guide, I recommend you:

  1. Read the section on Avoiding Plagiarism.  It will explain how and when you should quote and paraphrase in your paper.
  2. Watch the videos on how to quote within the text of a paper and how to format citations in Chicago style. The are both really easy to understand and give great tips on how to integrate sources into your paper.
  3. Finally, for fun - play the citation game !  It's not in Chicago Style, but it will help you to differentiate between books, journal articles, magazines, etc.


Don't forget, all of your papers for History need to follow the format laid out in the Handbook for Historians.  While the tutorials above will help you learn about Chicago style, the Handbook (which is also in Chicago Style) also includes instructions on how to write well for history, how to format your title page, and how bibliography!


If you need help, you can always schedule an appointment to see me, or email me at  Have fun!  (or at least try to enjoy the process!)