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HON 112: Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar in Theology

Course guide for Dr. Makuja's Honors Theology class

Suggested Subject Headings

Below is a list of subject headings that will lead you to books in our library.  This is not an exhaustive list, you may need to try different subject headings, search using keywords, or go to Connect NY to find books in other libraries. 

Quick tip: if you are in our catalog and want to see what other books are in Connect NY, just click on the logo: Search CONNECT NY Union Catalog


Bible. Amos -- Criticism, interpretation, etc

Amos (Biblical prophet)

Rerum Novarum:

Catholic Church Pope 1878 1903 Leo Xiii Rerum Novarum

Catholic Church and Social Teaching (books published after 2000)

Vatican II:

Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965 : Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano)​

Gaudium et Spes


Rwanda Crimes Against Humanity

Rwanda Ethnic Conflict

Rwanda Ethnic Relations History 20th Century

Rwanda Genocide

Rwanda Genocide History 20th Century

Rwanda History Civil War 1990 1993 Atrocities

Rwanda History Civil War 1994 Atrocities

Rwanda History Civil War 1994 Propaganda

Rwanda History Civil War 1994 Religious Aspects

Rwanda Hutu African People

Rwanda Tutsi African People Crimes Against History 20th Century

Rwanda United Nations

Rwanda United Nations Peacekeeping Forces

LRA - Kony:

Uganda Child Soldiers

Lord's Resistance Army

Children and war -- Uganda

Guerrillas -- Africa

Truth and Reconciliation Commission South Africa

South Africa Truth And Reconciliation Commission

Tutu Desmond

Reconciliation Political Aspects South Africa

Reconciliation South Africa Religious Aspects

Afrikaners - Ethnic Identity




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