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Rare Books / Special Collections

The Tatyana V. Popović Archives and Special Collections houses rare books, manuscripts, and the archives of Le Moyne College.

New 1st editions (for good measure...)

For the Irish Literature Collection in special collections:


For Rare Books collection: 

New acquisitions

With support from the Central New York Irish Cultural Society (CNY-ICS) and the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Library has purchased in 2015 an American first edition copy of W. B. Yeats’ 1928 work, The Tower. 

"Sailing to Byzantium," "Leda and the Swan," and "Among School Children” are today considered some of the best and most famous in the Yeats canon. Virginia Woolf, in her unsigned review in the April 21, 1928 issue of The Nation and Anthenaeum, wrote, "Mr. Yeats has never written more exactly and more passionately." Yeats was not so sure. Later editions contain numerous edits by the poet, making the first edition, as is true in all literature, so important. 

Written between 1912 and 1927, the poems in The Tower are evocative of the image of Thoor Ballylee, the 15th century Norman building in Galway purchased by Yeats in 1917. This structure dons the iconic book cover that was designed by Thomas Sturge Moore, poet and play write and collaborator of Yeats in the Literary Theatre Club. 

This acquisition and the display in the Library of other rare Yeats editions are part of Yeats2015, the worldwide celebration of the Irish writer’s 150th birthday.

Civil War items



This monmumental size album of original Civil War albumen photographs by George N. Barnard, a gift to the College in 1997, received conservation treatment through West Lake Conservators in 2016.  It, together with the letter from General William T. Sherman to the photographer approving of the project to photograph the aftermath of the campaign in the South, were the subject of 2016 grant awarded to the Library from the New York State Library Divison of Library Development. Above: Book conservator Georgia Southworth traveled from New York to assist West Lake on the text block, leather boards, and end papers. Luisa Casella was the paper and photography conservator. Below: before conservation


Past Exhibits

1918 first edition of Hopkins poems

1918 first edition of Hopkins' poems

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