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REL 200: Religious Perspectives

Religous Perspectives on the Human Situation

World Religions

Always check with your professor before using a web site as a paper resource.

Use the official web site for the religious organization, or use those done by scholars, usually with the .edu extension.


World Religions

Links to online sources of information about a variety of mainstream religions.

Professor Wayne Selcher's page on world religions resources  is an excellent starting point.

African Traditional Religions:

Anabaptist Religions - Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encylopedia Online (GAMEO)

Anglican Church in North America

Church of Christ (see also United Church of Christ)

Church of Christ, Scientist 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Episcopal Church



Jehovah's Witnesses

Lutheran Church

Methodist Church 

Mormon, see Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Native American

Presbyterian Church in America

Presbyterian Church USA   

Seventh Day Adventist 



Unitarian Universalist

United Church of Christ

United Methodist Church    


For works written by a specific theologian, check the library catalog under Author (lastname, firstname, e.g. Luther, Martin)

Papal Documents

Most of the encyclicals can be found online at, or in the library catalog, by searching for author> john paul ii (for example). The Vatican web site also reproduces all speeches and writings of the current pope, as well as most of the ones in the 20th century -- click on Papal Archive.

General Sources

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