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Sociology Subject Guide

Journal Titles

Search for a journal by the first few words in the title (title begins with), any word in the journal title, by exact title, or ISSN

Is it a sociology journal?

SocIndex and ProQuest Social Science carry more social science journals than just sociology!

Read abstracts closely to be sure the author is taking a sociological approach to the topic.  If you are working in the sub-field of social psychology, you can use social psych sources, but stay away from psychology journals. 

How would an abstract read if it is sociology?  It can mention a social theory, equality, marginalization, society, social groups....

Sometimes it is very clear from the title of the journal; sometimes it is not. 

What are the author's credentials?  Is he/she a criminologist, sociologist, ethnologist? Sometimes this info is on the first page of the article. You might have to "Google" the author to find out.

What are Scholarly Articles?

Here are some common characteristics of scholarly journal articles:

- Author is an expert in the field. The author's credentials in the field are established, and they are likely affiliated with a scholarly institution and hold an appropriate degree in their field.

- There is a lengthy bibliography at the end of the article.

- Based on original research, or new applications of others' research

- Written for a scholarly audience in that field of study (difficult for others to read)

Scholarly article example:

Listening in to Gang Culture