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Sociology Subject Guide

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

4 reasons to consult a handbook or specialized encyclopedia:

  1. Start with a review of the history of the top research before you search for the newer work that builds on it.
  2. You will quickly get a overview of the essential arguments in order to decide upon the topic or to reject it.
  3. You will be more effective in searching for scholarly journal articles with your mind wrapped around the content and terms.
  4. You will avoid the error of omission of failing to cite the key scholars on the topic.

The three titles below are in our print collection.

  • Analyzing Gender: A Handbook of Social Science Research HQ 1154 .A685 1987
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences REF H 40 .A2 I5 2008
  • Sage Handbook of Sociology HM 586 .S24 2005

E-books are linked below!

Online Encyclopedias in the Social Sciences

Starting with an encyclopedia can be a big help.

Search all online encyclopedias in the social sciences at once here in  Gale Virtual Reference Library.