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RefWorks and Write-N-Cite

Using Write-N-Cite From Off-Campus

If you commonly work from off-campus or use a laptop from both on- and off-campus locations, it is worth taking a minute to configure Write-N-Cite. This process only needs to be done once. If you only work on-campus, you can skip this configuration process.

Read the instructions for your Windows or Macintosh computer for the exact configuration procedure, but the essential information you need to supply to Write-N-Cite is the URL of Le Moyne's proxy server.

Use the following as the Proxy Server URL:

Download Write-N-Cite

To download Write-N-Cite while logged into RefWorks, select Tools > Write-N-Cite from the RefWorks toolbar.

Note: Before installing, choose the proper version of Write-N-Cite from the list below. Unless you are using an older verion of Word or have a computer with an older operating system, the newest version is probably correct. Earlier versions of Write-N-Cite are less functional and papers formatted using one version of Write-N-Cite will not be compatible with other versions.

One Line/Cite View method: If you are using a different operating system,  a different word processor, or are unable to install the Write-N-Cite plugin, the One Line/Cite View method is an alternative method to creating a bibliography in your paper.  See the video or read the documentation