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Faculty Support

Le Moyne is a member of the Center for Research Libraries--an international consortium of academic & independent research libraries. CRL supports advanced research in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by preserving critical primary sources.

Call, email, or meet with a Librarian

Subject Librarian Email Phone
Accounting Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Anthropology Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4332
Arts Administration I-Chene Tai 445-4331
Biology Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Business Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Chemistry Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Communications & Film Studies I-Chene Tai 445-4331
Computer Science Tom Keays 445-4322
Economics Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4332
Education Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
English Language & Literature Kelly Delevan 445-4154
Foreign Languages & Literatures I-Chene Tai 445-4331
Gender & Women's Studies Cathy Scott 445-4336
Health & Medicine Cathy Scott 445-4336
History Kelly Delevan 445-4154
Human Resource Management Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Information Systems Tom Keays 445-4322
International Business Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Jesuit Resources Kelly Delevan 445-4154
Law & Legal Studies Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4332
Marketing Lisa Chaudhuri 445-4681
Mathematics Tom Keays 445-4322
Music/Theatre Arts I-Chene Tai 445-4331
Nursing Cathy Scott 445-4336
Occupational Therapy Cathy Scott 445-4336
Philosophy Kelly Delevan 445-4154
Physics & Engineering Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Physician Assistant Cathy Scott 445-4336
Political Science Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4332
Psychology Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4332
Religious Studies Kelly Delevan 445-4154
Sciences Kari Zhe-Heimerman 445-4627
Sociology Phoebe DiSalvo-Harms 445-4332
Statistics Kelly Delevan 445-4154
Visual Arts Inga Barnello 445-4326